Source Ron Paul/Ron Paul Institute

“The recently-proposed Green New Deal is proof that climate change is for progressive Democrats what terrorism is for neoconservative Republicans: a ready-made excuse to expand government and curtail liberty. This radical plan would authorize the US government to seize control of major sectors of the US economy, phase out gasoline-fueled cars, make buildings ‘energy efficient,’ and even replace air travel with rail travel. Supporters of the Green New Deal claim that the science regarding the risk of climate change is ‘settled.’ However, the science is far from settled. Many of the claims regarding climate change have been debunked. Like all forms of socialism, the Green New Deal suffers from what Ludwig von Mises identified as the ‘calculation problem.’ Knowledge of the most efficient use of resources is conveyed by prices set in a free market…When government uses force to remove resources from the marketplace, it makes it impossible for the price system to function…That is why every attempt at government management of the economy inevitably reduces the people’s standard of living. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has dismissed concerns regarding the almost 100 trillion dollars ten-year cost of implementing the Green New Deal by suggesting that Congress simply make the Federal Reserve pay for it by creating new money…Modern Monetary Theory is not modern. The Federal Reserve has facilitated the growth of government by printing money since its creation. It is no coincidence the birth of the Federal Reserve was immediately followed by the rise of the welfare-warfare state….Ironically, the Green New Deal also would likely damage the environment. History shows that the most effective way to protect the environment is with a free-market economy that respects property rights.”

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