Source: American Spectator

“Depending on which study you read, at least half of all Millennials would prefer to live in a socialist country…Moreover, most Millennials favor a greater degree of government interference in ordinary life and are skeptical of cultural conservatism. In sum, most of the Millennials today are radically more left-wing than previous generations….In order to go to college, many students took out onerous student loans that, with the economic collapse in 2008, meant that Millennials would have an even more difficult time paying down their debts. And, thanks to the chicanery of lobbyists representing credit agencies in 2005, former President George W. Bush signed a law making it impossible to discharge student debt in bankruptcy. Seemingly overnight, the Millennials were made into perennial debtors. This was not only an injustice, but it would also have a severe drag on the economy in the decades to come. Today, a student loan bubble the size of around $1.5 trillion is set to burst soon. This is especially true, as most wages for Millennials have remained stagnant and medical, housing, and childcare costs have made living a profound struggle for many Millennials….In the course of a decade, the basis of the American Dream had been destroyed for most Millennials. The American Dream consisted of working hard and being able to purchase a home and start a family….The Right must strive to create a new paradigm that takes into account the tragic realities that Millennials face today. Things like paid-family leave, rewriting bankruptcy laws to again allow for the discharge of student debt via bankruptcy, and crafting policies that would encourage young people to form families at earlier ages would be key. Also, some new policies would have to be enacted to ensure that American workers received pay raises that kept up with inflation….The Right must go farther and recognize the need to address the budding student loan crisis; the issue of stagnating wages; and the unaffordability of homes. Otherwise, we leave the field open to the most radical Leftists alive.”

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