The Hidden Risks of a Booming Economy

We may be well on our way to the second largest economic expansion since World War II.  So far, there is no indication that markets are about to take a turn for the worse. Naturally, this “boom” leads to higher production and more jobs. But it also leads to something else that isn’t easily detectable: large-scale malinvestments. Poor investment decisions and poor project planning that ends up getting scrapped. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; in fact, it tends to happen cyclically toward the maturing end of an economic boom. And as it unfolds, somehow, it tends to take investors by surprise. This article approaches this matter from an Austrian Economic perspective.


Entrepreneurs Are Not “Self-Employees”

Do you run your own business? Then you, of all people, should know that you are not a functionary within a pre-existing model. You are there to add value to, create, or innovate that model. Otherwise, what’s the point of taking on that enterprise? If you’re confused, you should probably check out this smart piece on the difference between entrepreneurship and employment.


The Trump-Putin Summit: Success or Failure?

If you’ve read Plato’s dialogues, you should be well acquainted with how Socrates would always ask “what is…” or “how would you define…” rather than “how does it function.” There is a difference between what something is in terms of conventional reference and how something functions or performs. For instance, if legal risk disclaimers or documents are there to protect the average consumer, why is it that these documents are never written in “plain language”? When your employer wants to have an empowerment meeting regarding your performance, why is it that such a meeting can be really good, or really bad news? So when Trump and Putin get together for a “summit,” a setting that implies “diplomacy,” should Trump’s recent performance be considered a success or a failure?


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