Can Permissionless FInancial Infrastructure Eliminate Discrimination and Reputational Risk?

“The cypherpunk approach is not to rely on the government upholding the Bill of Rights, but to write code that will guarantee those liberties cannot be taken away. Cryptocurrencies that are trustless and distributed already provide an incredible advantage: You can exchange value, even across great distances, without having to do a song and dance for a gatekeeper…Freedom entails being able to say and do controversial things — and when it’s true freedom, you don’t have to beg for permission first.”


New Data From CFTC Shows Bearish Bitcoin Futures Are on the Decline

Apparently, bearish bets on Bitcoin futures are way down. In fact, they may be hitting record lows. Has Bitcoin reached a bottom and might it be on its way toward recovering? Here’s the latest on CFTC data.


World Bank Just Launched the First Blockchain-Powered Bond: The “Bondi”

“The World Bank has priced the world’s first public bond created and managed using only blockchain in a A$100 million (56.84 million pounds) deal designed to test how the technology might improve decades-old bond sales practices…The prototype deal, dubbed a “Bondi” bond – standing for Blockchain Operated New Debt Instrument as well as a reference to Australia’s most famous beach – is being viewed as an initial step in moving bond sales away from manual processes towards faster and cheaper automation.”


BofA Applies for a Secure Crypto Storage System Patent

While many crypto-investors have exited the space, it’s interesting to think that some of the largest financial institutions are either entering it or have been preparing to operate within it even during the year-long decline that dominated the crypto space. Most people aren’t aware that Bank of America holds the largest number of crypto- and blockchain-related patents. Their latest patent application is for a secure crypto storage system. Perhaps they (and other institutions) foresee something that most retail investors and speculators somehow missed.


The Tree-Living Crypto Millionaire

Yes, there is a crypto millionaire who lives in a tree. And yes, he truly believes that cryptos are just getting started.


Bitcoin Investors Have Been Brainwashed: ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Well, it’s quite possible. But it also depends on who he’s addressing. As for HODLRS, is holding a philosophical/counter-political view, one in support of freedom and privacy of transactions against central bank and government monopoly over and manipulations of money a “brainwashed” ideology? Wouldn’t you say that it’s the other way around? Viewed from that position, the “Wolf” appears a bit idiotic, don’t you think?


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