New Gallup Poll Shows Majority Sentiment Toward Cannabis Usage

It appears that “religiosity” is the determining factor as to moral sentiment regarding recreational cannabis use. Age does too, to a certain extent, although more than 50% of Baby Boomers seem more relaxed about the notion as it was previously. College education didn’t matter much among poll participants. Political ideology did, with conservatives on both sides (for/against) edging toward 50/50.

How Much Will Canadians Spend on Cannabis in 2019? $7 Billion, according to Deloitte

$7 Billion is a huge and perhaps bold figure of a forecast. But Deloitte expects Canadians to increase their consumption by 35%. This includes “black market” sales as well (between $500M and $1B). The majority of users are expected to be those between 35 and 54 years of age. Legal sales are expected to be 10 cents above black-market price.

L.A. Supervisors favor bill to expunge some cannabis convictions

If you are an LA resident who has been convicted for a cannabis misdemeanor, you can now reduce or expunge your convictions. Interestingly, about only a few of an estimated 5,000 people eligible for this relief have petitioned the courts. Are they unaware, or is it a fear of the never-ending bureaucratic red-tape process? If you’re interested, check out the details of the story.

Florida’s medical cannabis ban is ruled “unconstitutional”

“Last week, a Florida judge ruled that the state’s ban on smokeable medical pot is unconstitutional. Leon County Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers ruled in favor of People United for Medical Marijuana and two patients challenging the ban, according to USA Today.”


Is it possible for cannabis to protect the brain against stress and injury?

Contrary to popular belief, it appears that most of trauma-caused brain damage doesn’t occur at the time of trauma but during the recovery period; the days or even minutes after the trauma. According to some medical experts CBD can intervene during this recovery period, preventing the brain’s own damaging response to the trauma.


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