How teaching AI to be curious helps machines learn for themselves

When playing a video game, what motivates you to carry on? This question is perhaps too broad to yield a single answer, but if you had to sum up why you accept that next quest, jump into a new level, or cave and play just one more turn, the simplest explanation might be “curiosity” — just to see what happens next. And as it turns out, curiosity is a very effective motivator when teaching AI to play video games, too. Read more


Malta to Develop AI Strategy Following Success as ‘Blockchain Island’

The Maltese government has announced the formation of a taskforce to develop a national artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, Cointelegraph reports Tuesday, Nov. 1 from the Malta Blockchain Summit. Read more


Researchers Created an ‘AI Physicist’ That Can Derive the Laws of Physics in Imaginary Universes

Two researchers from MIT have created an “AI physicist” that is able to generate theories about the physical laws of imaginary universes. It marks a major step toward creating machine learning algorithms that are capable of not just finding patterns, but extrapolating from those patterns to make predictions about the future. This would lay the foundation for scientific discoveries made entirely by artificial intelligences. Read more


NVIDIA BrandVoice: 3 Areas To Help Corporate Leaders Excel In AI Transformation

Artificial intelligence has now left the “geek” corner and is no longer a purely technical topic. With more available data, greater computing power at a lower price, and by enabling technologies such as IoT, AI has emerged to become a disruptive force in recent years. A fundamental shift in how we build programs, use data, derive value, and shape business models is taking place. At the heart of this technology is the idea of automating complex areas of knowledge work, using machines where we traditionally couldn’t due to the lack of “intelligent” capabilities such as vision, audio, language, and affection. Read more


Facebook open-sources its Horizon AI platform

If you could crack open Facebook and see the gears turning under the social network’s face, you’d find a surprising amount of artificial intelligence being applied in all sorts of ways. As of today, the company is pulling back the curtain and making Horizon — the company’s end-to-end applied reinforcement learning platform that helps fine-tune that AI — open source. Read more


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