Have you seen Coindesk’s State of Blockchain 2017 document? If you haven’t, and if you happen to be a crypto enthusiast, then you should probably check it out, as it gives you a comprehensive visual overview of almost every major crypto event that took place last year.

Here are a few highlights.

Digital Currencies Outperformed Every Other Asset in 2017

We all know that the Bitcoin’s price rose significantly toward the end of last year. We also know that several other cryptocurrencies also rose as people, many of whom just recently discovered them, jumped in, contributing to a frenzy of buying that transformed price appreciation into an oversized bubble.

But the numbers alone won’t give anyone a clear picture as to “how much” cryptos outperformed all other assets. Well, here is a visual representation:


SOB-1-300x169 An Overview of Cryptocurrency’s Impact in 2017


Crypto Market Capitalization Compared with Gold

This slide aims to illustrate last year’s +50% rise in cryptocurrency market capitalization. This might be a bit misleading as the crypto market cap figure is calculated by multiplying the available supply of tokens with the current market price.

But it is interesting to see how the market cap of all cryptocurrencies compare with gold, as media had speculated several times in 2017 whether investors might have begun perceiving cryptos as a replacement for gold’s safe-haven status.


SOB-2-300x168 An Overview of Cryptocurrency’s Impact in 2017


Ripple Had the Biggest Gains Among Top Cryptos

Bitcoin took most of the spotlight last year, with Ethereum and Ripple trailing behind. But the largest cumulative return was achieved by Ripple; followed by Dash, Monero, Ethereum, and finally Bitcoin.


SOB-3-300x169 An Overview of Cryptocurrency’s Impact in 2017


Are Cryptos Gaining Steam Across the Globe?

Something that every crypto enthusiast should wonder about: is crypto volume and usage increasing across the globe?

The chart below reveals trading volume in Bitcoin from 2016 to the end of 2017, highlighting only the largest international participants.


SOB-4-300x168 An Overview of Cryptocurrency’s Impact in 2017


State of Blockchain also includes similar information on Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and more.

We’ll stop here, as the entire document runs 169 pages long. The Table of Contents below will give you an overview of everything that’s included.


SOB-5-300x169 An Overview of Cryptocurrency’s Impact in 2017


So if you are interested in reading the entire document, feel free to go to their page and request it.


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