Like him or not, Trump is a disruptor, his latest move to sit down with Kim Jong Un is completely unprecedented—many call it a “massive gamble”—and would make him the first U.S. President to ever sit down with a North Korean leader.

What the world may find “stunning” is an action that, if you look closely, is perfectly aligned with everything that characterizes his persona. CNN’s Chris Cillizza sums it up in five points:


  1. Th Deal-Maker: a major aspect of his “Trumpism” persona is his ability to make big deals, bringing people to the table, perhaps even defying tradition, to resolve an issue. A sit-down negotiation to denuclearize North Korea is one of the biggest challenges a US President can attempt.


  1. The History-Maker: No US President has ever met with a North Korean leader. This in itself would put Trump in a position of having achieved, as he so often expresses in his speech, actions commendable for their greatness: things that have “never been done before,” or doing things “first,” or achieving results that are “huge,” “historic,” or “bigly” (big league?).


  1. The Disruptor: The underlying force that powered Trump’s campaign from the start—his promises, policies, rhetoric, and “brand”—was the perception that he created for himself as a formidable “disruptor”; his capacity to implement an unorthodox mode of operation that would positively disrupt the Washington establishment. To put it lightly, sitting down to make a deal with Kim Jong Un is a definite break from standard establishment practices.


  1. The Maneuverist/Tactician: The “grand strategist” and “tactician” have different ways of tackling a problem. True to his book, The Art of the Deal, Trump is more the latter than the former. Such an approach brings the benefit of agility, rapid response, and a bottom-up sensibility; all of which gives one the capacity to exploit advantages as they unfold. Such a “decentralized” approach may seem counter to how government operates, but in certain cases, it may work. And this is what Trump brings to the table.


  1. The Reality TV Star: This needs no explanation. All the world’s eyes are going to be watching this “show.” Trump, who never fails to “entertain,” whether positively or negatively, is about to “produce” his biggest and most high-stakes show yet. And unlike “Reality TV,” this one will be a televised reality that may have serious consequences for its watchers.


Check out Cillizza’s original article here.


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