Following up on Halifax America’s coverage of stocks in the cybersecurity sub-industry, the following consists of technical swing levels, all of which aim to present a dual-biased directional view, each presenting potential breakout points, and potential profit targets and stop levels for both long and short trades.

Disclaimer: This piece is a merely a “technical” supplement for those who are willing to conduct their own fundamental analysis of the stocks covered. These are not trading recommendations.

All trends are assumed immediate or short-term trends. Breakouts and targets are determined using strict price action levels–swing highs and swing lows (or for some of you TA geeks, “fractals”).


Palo Alto Networks (PANW)


Short-Term Trend: Down

Upside Breakout Level: 191.92

Upside Target 1: 199.14

Upside Target 2: 207.70

Upside Bias Invalid: 175.43


Downside Breakout Level: 175.43

Downside Target: 160.83 (Jan 29, 2018 resistance)

Downside Bias Invalid: 191.92


ZScaler Inc (ZS)


Short-Term Trend: Upward breakout

Upside Breakout Level: 39.40 (in progress)

Upside Target: 43.14

Upside Bias Invalid: 33.00


Downside Breakout Level: 33.00

Downside Target: 30.50

Downside Bias Invalid: 39.40


Okta (OKTA)


Short-Term Trend: Down

Upside Breakout Level: 60.96

Upside Target 1: 62.92

Upside Target 2: 72.97

Upside Bias Invalid: 50.80


Downside Breakout Level: 50.80

Downside Target: 47.15

Downside Bias Invalid: 60.96


Qualys Inc (QLYS)


Short-Term Trend: Down

Upside Breakout Level: 78.45

Upside Target 1: 82.90

Upside Target 2: 90.75

Upside Bias Invalid: 70.70


Downside Breakout Level: 69.55

Downside Target 1: 68.20

Downside Target 2: 65.05

Downside Bias Invalid: 78.45


Fortinet Inc (FTNT)


Short-Term Trend: Down

Upside Breakout Level: 84.00

Upside Target: 94.35

Upside Bias Invalid: 76.02


Downside Breakout Level: 76.02 (in progress)

Downside Target 1: 68.80

Downside Target 2: 62.27

Downside Bias Invalid: 84.00


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